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WOMANTRA by Fintelligence Training and Consulting

“One change in your thought leads to a change in your destiny”

In our working lives, we have met so many women of different wealth levels – women who are in charge of running million dollar businesses for organisations, women entrepreneurs who are trying to make their mark in industries dominated by men, working women who have quit jobs to take care of their children and very wealthy women whose husbands run large businesses. One thing that was common in all was that most of them left money management to the men of the family – husband or father. It amazed us that while women like to have control on everything that happens in their life(at work and at home)and ensure the well-being of all the family members, they do not spend time on managing their finances. There are innumerable cases one hears and knows on the difficulties women have to face in cases of contingencies (death of spouse and divorce). While money is not everything in life, its importance in life cannot be underestimated. So its surprising that this lifes need is not focussed upon by women like they focus on health, education etc. The social structure of our society is also responsible as women have been brought up thinking that finance is in the male domain. Many times women are also daunted by financial advisors and are not included in discussions relating to personal finance by the advisors.

We started Womantra (a session for women, professional or otherwise aimed at enhancing financial awareness among women and empowering them in financial matters) to change this mindset in women. We hope that our workshops will inspire women to have greater self-confidence in handling their own finances and in doing so, take charge of their destiny.

We are hopeful that this mission will be an idea for a better future as women can also share and pass on their knowledge to their children who would then be more financially responsible.

The Program

Womantra is an educative session aimed at empowering women in matters of finance. The workshop will inspire women, professional or otherwise, to have greater self-confidence in handling their own finances and in doing so, taking charge of their destiny. Post the program the individual will have more self confidence and a better understanding of how to manage her monies.

Aim of the Program
  • Educate women on investments(products) and factors affecting their investments.

  • Impart practical knowledge on financial planning enabling them to choose what is best suited to their individual needs.

  • Equip women to manage their finances in an informed manner.

  • Who is it Meant For: Corporate Women employees, Home makers, Women’s groups, Industry Bodies

    The womantra facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Womantra/630449370331031) is updated regularly with articles of interest on personal finance.